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Macy was ready for more too. She wanted to know her passions, what made her feel wild free. She knows deep inside that life is meant to be playful and fully expressed from soul.. from our most authentic Self. The expression of Self as we are when we are born into this world.​ 

After the many imprintations and conditions we receive growing up we begin to operate in our adult life from those shadows and/or blocks. Yoga opened its doors and changed Macy's life forever.. a daily practice of movement and working with the breath she found her mind quieting, heart softening and a connection with herself she deeply, authentically desired. Her yoga community and personal practice is where she began to find healing and the ultimate peace. Yoga became what she had so deeply desired and a few years later a strong desire stirred deep in her heart to create that same container for others. In 2017/2018 she completed her certification as a 500hr RYT. She trained in Power Vinyasa (with Ana Forest style sprinkled in) and over time has now trained in Hatha, Breathwork, Handstands and Ecstatic Dances. From the big city of Atlanta to pearl streets of Boulder and now a full time resident of Aspen she brings her unique sequencing, philosophy, and Shakti energy to every class!​​

Her goal is to give others that same outlet or inlet to their own inner truth. Find what lights YOU up. Find your "why" through this practice. 

 "The way I practiced paralleled to how I operated in my everyday life.​" - Macy

​"You are loved just for being who you are, just for existing" - Ram Dass


Its all a dance

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